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Embrace Your Family's Dream

With Our Fostering Services

Family Moments With Embrace Fostering Services

Our Therapeutic

At Embrace we want to focus on every person and child having a happy and enriched life and, in turn, having a trusting working relationship with the embrace team.


Foster carers will Embrace being part of the skilled team around the child. Those teams include social workers, health, education, therapists, and other professionals, depending on each child’s unique needs.


A foster carer’s role is so important and crucial to a child achieving positive outcomes.


Statement of Purpose

How We
Support You

At Embrace, we fully understand how challenging fostering can be and we are able to offer an extensive support package, in terms of

  • Generous fostering allowance

  • Generous short-break allowance

  • 24-hour advice line, 365 days a year

  • 20 group therapeutic sessions to reflect, per year

  • A bespoke training packages

  • Needs lead support and supervision

  • Foster carers support groups

  • Children’s consultation/Fun days

  • Birth children support groups

  • Support to get a young person into education 

  • One-to-one therapy sessions are available for the family or family members. 


Our Resources and Support

We offer a vast array of support resources, training and a Mockingbird community environment in order to provide you with the best chance possible to have a lasting and positive impact on your young person and family with Embrace.

We provide the most supportive and inclusive fostering community available. In our approach we want to arm you with the training, resources and support you need to be able to give young people and yourself the absolute best opportunity in life to live happily, healthily and productively.

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Supportive Community
Becoming A Foster Carer
Our Training Programme

The environment young people are brought up in is extremely important to their development, so we have a community - focused approach when it comes to supporting our staff, carers and young people.

Becoming a Foster Carer

Becoming a foster carer is easier than you may think.


At Embrace we provide guidance, training and support while giving clear step by step instructions on the entire process.

Our Training Programme

Our training programmes are diverse and targeted at providing you with the skills and confidence to succeed in every aspect of your role as a staff member or carer.

The Mockingbird Model

Mockingbird, is a global award winning and pioneering programme led by The Fostering Network in the UK, delivers sustainable foster care. It is an evidence-based model structured around the support and relationships an extended family provides. The model nurtures the relationships between children, young people and foster families supporting them to build a resilient and caring community.

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