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About Embrace

A Family Based Agency

About Us - Embrace Therapeutic Fostering Services

About Us

Embrace fostering is a small family-based agency who are looking for foster carers to join our small community to provide enriched and inclusive nurturing family homes to children.

We aim to embrace a culture where not only the children feel cared for but that our foster carers feel valued respected and recognised for the truly amazing role that they fulfil.

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Our Approach

Throughout our many years in the social care and fostering system, we and our partners at Absolute Childrens Services understand the strengths and weaknesses of care across a spectrum of services.


Rather than take an institutional and clinical approach that many care homes and fostering environments seem to abide by, we take a completely different, family and community orientated approach.


In our experience we have found this provides not only better outcomes for the Young People receiving the care, but a much more stable, supported and rewarding atmosphere for carers and staff.


We intend to use this approach consistently across all aspects of our service and is at the heart of our ethos.

A Supportive Philosophy

Care is difficult, and a lifelong learning process with diverse challenges and rewards. We at Embrace understand this is a monumental task, especially as it impacts the lives of everyone involved. The Mockingbird method of community support, care and therapy aims to spread the challenge between the community as a whole, allowing each individual's strengths to be supported and magnified by a united approach to support and care.

A Commitment To Young People & Carers

We particularly want to welcome people to join the small friendly fostering community who are recognised for their strengths and embrace the rewards and at times the challenges of being a foster carer. Training and reflective supervision is afforded to embrace your personal development journey.

We aim to recruit foster carers who are able to embrace and afford a high standard of care and attention to children and young people. The in-depth assessment process will individually support your preparation to foster and identify what type of fostering will suit your family and personal circumstances.

We are committed to providing the best possible life for Young People in foster care and achieve great outcomes no matter their circumstances.

About Us - Embrace Therapeutic Fostering Services
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