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Becoming A Foster Carer with Embrace

Everything you need to know

Becoming A Foster Carer

Can I foster?

More people are eligible to foster than you may realise.

We welcome applications to become a foster carer regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability religion, culture, employment, or marital status.


Anyone over the age of 21 can apply. However, we would prefer that you can drive or alternatively you live on a good public transport route. It is a requirement that you do have a spare bedroom.

Click below to find out more about the myths of who can and can't foster care, and some of the types of foster care that exists.

Who is involved in the therapeutic community?

In our "Mockingbird" styled community, every part of our team works together to support each other throughout the process, from our staff at the Embrace team, to our social workers and therapists at every level.

Some of these are as follows:

  • Therapist Carers

  • The Embrace Team

  • Therapeutic Support Staff

  • Registered Manager

  • Mockingbird Foster Carer

  • Supervising Social Worker

  • Senior Supervising Social Worker

For more details on the role of each member of our community please follow the link:


Flexible Funding

We understand that every Young Person is different and requires different levels of skills and resources to effectively look after. We recognise carer's dedication and skillsets and offer flexible funding based on several tiers of qualifications and a scale of additional rates based on complex needs.


Foster Carers Basic Allowance Per Week

  • Level 1-  £400

  • Level 2 - £425

  • Level 3 - £450

  • Level 4 - £475

Specialist Placements

  • Therapeutic foster placements/stepdown

Approx: £500 - £700

  • Parent and child placements

Approx: £650

  • Disability and complex health needs

Approx: £500-£1000

  • Short-break carers-daily minimum rate

Approx: £80

  • Seasonal Summer and Christmas Allowance

Approx: £150

  • Birthday Allowance £50

More detailed information on fees

Foster Caring Fees & Allowances
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