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Supporting Foster Carers

Providing Supervision to All Carers

Here are Embrace Fostering, we focus on high quality needs led supervision, and support.  It is important to all, that foster carers and foster children have a consistent and trusting working relationship with their named supervising social worker and support worker. Supervision allows foster carers the opportunity, to reflect on fostering with the help of the supervising social worker. It is a necessity that occurs regularly or as often as is required. Supervision exchanges information, reduces stress, and assists in a foster carer’s professional development.  This process will include how fostering impacts on each member of the household, both positively and negatively.

Supervision Functions

Foster carers will receive a minimum of supervision once per month or every 3 months if they do not have a foster placement. It is just as important to stay connected if you are having a break or waiting for a specific placement. During supervision, the foster child will be seen in private, and their views and happiness ascertained and any issues they wish to raise will be listened to and resolved wherever possible.

Supervision and Support at Embrace

Support Visit & Phone Calls

A foster carer’s supervising social worker and support worker will conduct a weekly phone call as a minimum. However, foster carers will have 24-hour access to Embrace fostering. Support visits will be needs-led according to needs to the foster child and foster carers which will be reviewed during supervision. A range of support work is on offer, i.e. direct work or activities with a foster child.

Social Work Advice and Assistance is always on hand and offered to the foster carers by their own Supervising Social Worker/support worker/area team/therapist and by the Social Worker for any child placed with them. Foster carers are not on their own.


We really are the team around the child at Embrace Fostering.

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