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Form F Information

The Assessment Process

The Assessment Process

You can apply through Embrace Fostering agency, during the application process, you will undergo a health check and all members of your household over the age of 18 will undergo a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check. Foster care training, help and support are provided during the application process and throughout your fostering role.

  • Once your application is accepted by Embrace fostering, the next steps are-

  • Skills to foster training 

  • Six mandatory training sessions will be completed over 3 days via group training/venue or 121 training.

  • My family fosters is completed with any birth children in your home.


Foster Care Assessments /Form F

When Skills to Foster training is complete stage2 of the assessment commences. Stage 1 is the checks that are applied for DBS, Statutory checks, medical, references to employers, personal refences, schools etc. 

The agency expectation is to complete a form F assessment within 8 weeks, depending on your availability and family circumstances. This will involve home visits from a supervising social worker and will gather information about your life and experiences/strengths etc.

The social worker will prepare a report and you will receive a copy of the assessment, 10 working days before panel. The time scale for the applicant from the very start of their application to the end of their application i.e.  approved at panel is 8 months.  The Form F is presented to an independent panel. The social worker and foster carer attend also, the panel chair may ask you some questions, but this will be gentle and a non-threatening environment.


The panel make a recommendation on your approval, this is then ratified by the Agency Decision Maker.

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